Have you an event coming up?  Maybe its a Sportive or Timetrial
Have a structured custom training plan created for you.
The plan can be tailored to your individual requirements and budget.

Example Plan

  • Plan Duration 12 weeks

  • In depth Rider assessment to review your training history, current level of fitness and establish your goals.

  • Individual plan created for you detailing each days training.

  • Plan created to fit around your other commitments and time available to train.

  • Performance Test at the beginning to establish your current level of fitness and to calculate your personal training zones.

  • Review at the end of week four and eight to assess how you have responded to the previous four weeks training and to make any additional changes that may be needed for the following six weeks (25% discount off an optional Performance Test)

  • Training prescribed in four week blocks

Plan Paid in full at start
Example Plan cost £130