At the beginning and then at various stages during a training plan a Performance test can be used to dertermine how well you have responded to your training and what adaptations you have made.  Knowing your current fitness level is vital in evaluating how effective your training has been and for the planning and optimising of future training sessions.


Yourcyclecoach offers several tests that can be used to evaluate your current level of fitness.


All tests are done using a Wahoo Kickr Power Trainer using Perfpro Performance software.

The wahoo kickr allows you to ride your own bike during the test in the position you are accustom to.

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Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test £45


FTP is the greatest mean maximal power you can currently produce for one hour.

The Test involves riding at the highest pace you can sustain for 20 minutes.


You'll leave with:

Your FTP

Power to Weight ratio

Power and Heart Rate zones

Detailed Test Report



Critical Power Test £45


The Test will involve you riding several intervals to determine your critical powers (Mean maximal power) from each of your energy systems.


You'll leave with:

Your Critical Powers calculated from each of your energy systems

Your Power to weight ratios calculated from each of your critical powers.

Detailed Test Report


Ramp Test £45


The test follows an incremental ramp protocol whereby the resistance increases at the end of every minute. This test is designed to push you to exhaustion and you are encouraged to give every last ounce of effort to the test.


You'll leave with:

1 Minute Power

Maximum Heart Rate

Training Zones

VO2 Max (Calculated)

Detailed Test Report

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